Directions to Ilkley Lido

Ilkley Lido is situated on the north side of the River Wharfe on Denton Road between Ilkley and Olicanian cricket clubs. Arriving in Ilkley on the A65, turn north onto New Brook Street at the main traffic lights in Ilkley. After crossing the river, Denton Road is the next turn on the right, and the Lido is then approximately 200 metres on the left.



Car Parking

The following arrangements are designed to minimise the number of cars in the race area, and hence to protect the safety of competitors and spectators.

There will be NO parking whatsoever on the Lido site for triathlon competitors or spectators.

Triathlon competitors and spectators must NOT park anywhere on the triathlon course.

Parking will be available and signposted to Westholmes field to the south side of Denton Road to the west of Middleton Avenue. Should the conditions be very wet, we suggest you park on the local streets that are not part of the course. Please note that some streets now have parking meters.

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ANYWHERE ON THE TRIATHLON COURSE AT ANY STAGE DURING THE RACE. This means that you should not approach the Lido from the east along Denton Road.



When you arrive, please come to the registration desk, which will be in the marquee on the grassed area between Denton Road and the Lido, close to the finish line.

Be careful while crossing the road into the Lido, as participants will be using it for the cycling section of the event.

Please register and collect your race number at least 30 minutes before your race start time. PLEASE NOTE THAT RACE ENTRIES ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE AND IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO CHANGE YOUR START TIME.

Show your BTF licence if you have entered as a BTF member. If you cannot show your licence you will have to pay for a BTF day licence.

When you register, you will be given two competitor numbers, one bike security sticker, a timing chip, a swim cap, and a goody bag.

You need to wear one competitor number on your back for the cycle leg and one on the front for the run leg. If you wish, you can use a number belt, but make sure that your number is visible for both the cycle and run legs.

The bike security number (sticky backed) needs to be attached to your bike. You will need to show a race number matching the number on this security sticker when you remove your bike from the transition area once you have finished the event.

Set up your bike at the numbered position that corresponds to your race number on the bike rack in the transition area, and lay out your bike/run gear.



ONLY COMPETITORS are allowed in the bike transition area. There is a viewing area in the pool where spectators are welcome.

The transition area will be numbered and you may only rack your bike at your numbered slot. Please be considerate and do not take up more than your fair share of space. There will be a marked area in transition for bags.

You will be issued a timing chip, which should be worn on your left ankle. This will enable your split times to be recorded, provided you don’t miss the timing mats.

The event is continuous. Your transition times (time between swim and bike and between bike and run) will be included in your overall time.

Arrive early and make sure you know all the entrances and exits. They will all be well marked and the marshals will also provide directions, but it is your responsibility to know the course.

If, for any reason, you do not complete the event, please inform the marshals at the run finish.


Race Rules

The race will be run under British Triathlon Federation (BTF) regulations. Competitors should make themselves aware of these regulations.

The rules exist for good reasons, particularly the safety of competitors.

Competitors are not allowed to receive assistance. The penalty for this is disqualification.

Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that their bike is safe and roadworthy.

All competitors must wear a BTF-approved helmet for the cycle section. Helmets must be fastened prior to removing your bike from the rack and must remain fastened until the bike is re-racked. Failure to comply with this BTF rule will result in a two-minute penalty.

All marshals are volunteers, and without them there would be no race. Any abuse directed at marshals will result in disqualification.


The Swim

You can access the indoor swimming pool via the pool’s main entrance and pool changing rooms.

Be changed and on poolside with your swim cap (in goody bag) and timing chip 10 minutes before your swim start time. Every competitor is given a specific start time. Your race time will be determined from this time, so it is essential that you are ready on time. After checking in at poolside, you will be asked to wait halfway down the pool until called by the starter.

The swim is in a three lane indoor pool. The lanes are very wide and there is ample room for overtaking. You will be told when to enter the water and the starter will give you a countdown. The swim starter will allocate swimmers to lanes to equalise the number of swimmers in each lane as far as possible.

Swim start times are seeded based on the estimated time on your entry form. Other competitors in your lane should normally be of similar pace, but we cannot guarantee this.

The swim distance of the event is 500 metres, which is 20 pool lengths. A lane marshal will count the lengths and inform you when you have two lengths to go. But it remains your responsibility to swim the correct number of lengths.

Immediately after finishing the swim, leave the pool area and go to the transition area, which is about 100 metres away (the route will be taped).

Do not run inside the pool area. It will be slippery and could be dangerous. Running will result in a penalty. You may run once you are outside.


The Cycle

Put on any clothing you require and ensure your race number is visible from the rear.

Nudity in the transition area will be penalised by disqualification. If you intend to change out of your swimwear, you can use the pool changing rooms.

Fasten your helmet strap before removing your bike from the rack (BTF rule).

Take your bike to the cycle start line. It is not allowed to mount or ride your bike in the transition area. Once you cross the start line, mount your bike and enjoy the scenic three-lap countryside route (see separate map).

The route will be well marked and marshalled. Please listen to and follow the marshals’ instructions.

Take care and abide by the Highway Code. In particular, keep left and do not cross the white line in the middle of the road under any circumstance.

Curly Hill is steep and curly! The descent is fast, and it will not be closed to traffic. Residents have been advised in advance of the race, but there will still be a possibility of cars reversing out of driveways and of dogs being walked, so extreme care is needed on this part of the course.

At the bottom of Curly Hill, there is a left turn where you need to be in control. If you cross the white line, you WILL be penalised/disqualified.

You should also note that the junction of Middleton Avenue and Denton Road is a sharp left turn where there is also likely to be traffic. Please be sure to slow down early and stay to the left. If you cross the white line, you WILL be penalised/disqualified.

When you complete the three laps, dismount at the finish line and take your bike back to your transition position.

Rack your bike before unfastening your helmet (BTF rule).


The Run

Change into any run wear and follow the arrows and tape to leave the transition area.

The run route will be very familiar to you because you will have just cycled around it three times. This time you will be going slower, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the scenery!

Remember that cyclists will be going past you, so if you must stagger, do it to the left! If you need to overtake a cyclist, let them know.

The run course is one lap. Run through the finish line and make sure the marshals can see your number.


Relay Teams

There will be designated zones where relay teams must pass on their timing chip to the next team member. THE CHIP MUST BE WORN ON THE LEFT ANKLE BY EACH TEAM MEMBER IN TURN.

The swim-to-bike handover will be in the transition area.

The bike-to-run handover will be at the end of the transition area where the run course starts.

The cyclist must rack the bike and run to the handover point. If in any doubt about where to hand over, please check with the transition area marshals.


Upon Completion

Please move away from the finish zone immediately, as this area can quickly become overcrowded. Marshals will be there with water and to remove your timing chip. Then you can celebrate your achievement!

The prize presentation will take place by the finish gantry as soon as possible after the last competitor has crossed the finish line. This will be around 5pm.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:


Overall: 1st 2nd 3rd male and female

Youths and juniors: 1st male and female

Age 20-29: 1st male and female

Age 30-39: 1st 2nd 3rd male and female

Age 40-49: 1st 2nd 3rd male and female

Age 50-59: 1st 2nd 3rd male and female

Age 60+: 1st male and female

Teams: 1st team

Local LS29 postcode: 1st male and female


We will also have a charity raffle with some excellent prizes, so make sure you buy a ticket while the event is taking place.

Light refreshments and snacks will be available on site. Some of our sponsors will also have trade stands.

A photographer will be in attendance around the course, so keep a smile on your face. Details for how to access photographs will be made available after the event.

Free post-race massages will be available near the registration tent with Bingley Physio.


Good luck, take care, and enjoy the race!

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